Mini-symposium Computational Humanities

Along with all the e-Humanities Group projects, the CEDAR project is going to be presented this afternoon at the Meertens Institute, Symposiumzaal, Joan Muyskensweg 25, 1096 CJ Amsterdam in a special mini-symposium. You are cordially invited. The official call follows.

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Special e-Humanities Group Research Meeting (New Trends in e-Humanities): 13.30- 17.30, 7 June 2012.

Mini- symposium Computational Humanities

You are cordially invited to join a special e-Humanities Group (eHg) Research Meeting scheduled for Thursday 28 June from 13.30 to 17.30, to be held at the Meertens Institute, Symposiumzaal, Joan Muyskensweg 25, 1096 CJ Amsterdam. For travel directions see:

In this mini-symposium we will have presentations and discussion of the four projects in the Computational Humanities programme, their content and results so far.

The agenda for the afternoon looks as follows:

13.30-13.45         Welcome and introduction to the CH Symposium

13.45-14.30         Tunes and Tales

14.30-15.15         Riddle of Literary Quality

15.15-15.30         Tea

15.30-16.15         CEDAR

16.15-16.45         Elite Network Shifts

16.45-17.30         Panel discussion

As this is the last meeting before the summer break, we would like to invite you to join us for drinks at 17.30 to celebrate the summer season.

Please let  Jeannette Haagsma know at whether you will be there.

Now called “New Trends in e-Humanities,” these research meetings of the e-Humanities Group provide opportunity to share research with colleagues involved in the digital / computational humanities. We welcome your contributions to these meetings and invite you to arrange presentations of your work; feel free to contact us for details on the schedule of meetings.

Looking forward to seeing you 28 June.