I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My research revolves around interfaces between the Digital Humanities and the Semantic Web.

I am currently involved in CLARIAH, a national project funded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) to build a distributed infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences. I completed my PhD in 2016, with the thesis Refining Statistical Data on the Web, under the supervision of Frank van Harmelen, Stefan Schlobach and Andrea Scharnhorst. In the thesis, I research how to integrate and refine statistical data from various domains (especially in Social History/Digital Humanities), measure their quality, and facilitate their transformation in Web friendly ways. I had an unconditional support from Data Archiving and Networked Services and the eHumanities Group of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Until 2011 I worked at the Institute of Law and Technology, where I developed tools for supporting legal decision making using semantic technologies.

Some things I’ve written/contributed to are:

  • grlc, a service that transforms GitHub repositories with SPARQL queries into Linked Data APIs automatically ($ docker pull clariah/grlc)
  • TabLinker, a framework for integrating messy spreadsheet collections into fully fledged RDF Data Cube (example result here)
  • LSD Dimensions, an aggregator of statistical dimensions and Data Structure Definitions in use in public SPARQL endpoints
  • Linked Edit Rules, the hub for publishing edit rules (data quality checkers) as Linked Data
  • SCRY, a lightweight SPARQL endpoint with customizable, standard-compliant and implementation-independent functions ($ pip install scry)

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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